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Bright Star

Stage Manager, Technical Director, Assistant Light Design


Stage Manager

One of my goals as a stage manager was to try and make the entire process digital. This is not only a time-saver, but it also makes the information such as blocking and ques widely available to the cast and crew. I discovered the online program called stage write early into my stage management for the production of Bright Star.  I pitched the idea to my teacher Andy Hunsaker and after showing him some of my progress he approved the purchase of the application and since then we have been able to use it for every production going forward. Other items for stage management include things such as daily calls posted on the call board, updating of a digital calendar, and sending daily texts through reminders to each cast, crew, and parents. 


I take daily rehearsal reports detailed with information that a tech designer might need in any upcoming coming meetings.  I help finalize ques for the show and make the calls for ques during the show.  At the beginning of each show, we do what we call a contract.  It outlines your specific job and gives a description of what is required for the grade you are wanting to receive for that class. I then use the contract to keep the crew on track and help them meet their deadlines. 

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Technical Director

For Bright Star, I held production meetings and created reports from the meeting. This helped keep all of the designers up to date and on the same page. I also supervised each technical aspect of the show throughout the production process. I was able to help give advice to help them get out of a design rut. 

Assistant Light Design

My help was needed to write the ques for light design. We were able to add in-depth elements that created the atmosphere needed to make the show successful.  Some of the light designs included the use of hazers, which amplified the basic light.  I learned that adding in simple things can really make a show. 

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